Getting Started on Passport as an Employer

More and more highways projects (major projects and operations frameworks) are Passport required. This means all members of the workforce will need to present a valid Passport smartcard. 

Quickly and Easily Get Started on Passport with Our Step-by-step Guides

Step 1: Registering Your Company

If you work for a company that isn't using Passport, you first need to register your company.

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Step 2: Creating Workers 

Once your company is registered as an employer and has a login to Passport, you need to start creating and maintaining your worker records.

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Step  3: Completing the Worker Record Set-up

Once you have added the worker, there are three other quick jobs you should do straight away. 

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Step 4: Adding Competencies and Enrolling CSCS Cards

You then need to add national competencies and enrol CSCS cards. 

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Step 5: Maintaining Worker Records

If you are an employer that does not act as a Principal Contractor, then you are finished getting set up on Passport. All you need to do now is maintain your workers' records and ensure they take their Passport smartcard with them as they travel across the supply chain.


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