Completing the Worker Record Set-up 

Once you have added the worker, there are three other quick jobs you should do straightaway to complete the initial worker set-up process:

  • ID check confirmation
  • Pay for their first year’s subscription to Passport
  • Order the worker’s Passport smartcard. 

ID Check Confirmation:

From the Worker's Record page, press ID Check. Tick the box ID Check Confirmed, then click Save

Note: Only click 'ID Check Confirmed' if you have verified the worker's ID. 

Paying a Worker Subscription Step 1:

Still on the Worker's Record, press Subscription History


Paying a Worker Subscription Step 2:

Then press Renew Subscription. This adds the worker's subscription to the basket. If you are creating multiple workers, don't check out straightaway as they can all to the same basket. 

Requesting Smartcards Step 1:

Once you have created all your workers and completed checkout, you can order their smartcards. 

To return to the worker's record, select Home, then Search for my People

Requesting Smartcards Step 2:

Enter the worker's details into the fields at the top of the page, press search. Identify your worker and select Edit. Select the tab which is fourth from the bottom called Cards.

Requesting Smartcards Step 3:

Select where you want the card delivered and the corresponding address. You will then need to confirm the photo is less than six months old. You can choose to issue a virtual card by pressing the toggle to make it blue. 

Requesting Smartcards Step 4:

Select request card. It will take up to seven working days for the physical card to arrive. The virtual card will be instant. 

Arranging the Highways Common Induction

Click this link to arrange for the individual to attend the online Highways Common Induction (HCI) delivered by PowerPlus. 

Note: Powerplus and Passport are different systems, but the worker MUST have a Passport record before being booked on the HCI course. This enables Powerplus to automatically send the outcome back to Passport as soon as it has been completed so that the HCI award will be visible on the worker’s Passport record and on their smartcard.