Information on Passport you need to know

This page contains links to helpful documents which will give you insight into why Passport was introduced .



Quick Guides

If you're a card checker or access controller looking to better understand how to use Passport on your sites and projects, then this guide is the perfect place to start. 

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If you're an employer administrator looking to implement Passport, this guide gives you the background information you need to get started. 

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Download this poster, print it out and then put it up on-site as a resource for your workers to provide instruction on downloading the Passport app. 

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Key Documents

Booking the Highways England Common Induction

The Highways Common Induction is a key pillar of the Passport scheme and it is quick and easy for you to register your workers online. 

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SCSLG Common Intent Document

The Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group have created a document of common intent which outlines their vision for the Highways Passport scheme. 

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Raising the Bar

Highways Safety Hub guidance on raising the bar for health and safety defines the minimum requirements for all construction sites and maintenance activities. 

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