Guide for Principal Contractors

This guide is relevant for all Principal Contractors within the Highways Strategic Road Network wanting to learn how best to implement Passport on their projects. You should follow the below steps in addition to the Guide for All Employers. If you are a Principal Contractor and have not read the Guide for All Employers, please do this first.


Step 1: Preparing Your Company

Contact Reference Point to confirm which projects you are Principal Contractor for and which projects you are starting with.

Step 2: Project Level Preparation

It is expected that Major Projects will swipe workers in and out of each project, and SDF/Operations Contracts will at least spot check workers’ Passport cards to validate each worker’s credentials.

For more information about National Highways’ expectations, please click HERE.

What you as Principal Contractor Need to Do:

  • Allocate a Passport Admin to represent each project (if they haven’t already attended, they should book on one of the free Passport Admin training sessions run by Mitie).
  • Decide who will have the authority to check other workers’ cards. This is usually Site Supervisor/Site Manager/Security and can be multiple people on any site or project.
    • Give them Access Controller status in the system (as per training).
    • These people should watch our short videos on how to download and use the app, which can be found HERE.
  • Agree your rollout date and communicate it to employees and your supply chain - See the National Highways and SCSLG expectations document for timeframes.

Step 3: Advanced System Usage  

Steps 1 and 2 (along with the Guide for All Employers) allow you to check workers’ Passport cards on site and ensure they hold the Highways Common induction (HCI). 

For further system usage such as Messaging, Shift Patterns/Fatigue and Reportingyour Admins should refer to their previous training. For any further assistance, please contact the Mitie Helpdesk.  

Need support? 

Implementation support is available on your FIRST Project. If you are a Principal Contractor and need some help to get started with introducing Passport on your first project, please contact

For ALL other user support on Passport (onboarding, training, card fulfilment and helpdesk) please contact Mitie. E-mail: or call: 0330 726 0225.

To book the Highways Common Induction (HCI) once your workers are added to Passport, contact the Power Plus Group. E-mail: