Guide for Approved Training Providers

Approved Training Provider functionality enables selected training providers to record outcomes for relevant highways learners directly. This will eliminate duplicate data entry by employer admins and increase standards for verification and consistency. It also offers benefits to the entire sector from workers to employers, through to training providers themselves.


How it Works

Principal Contractors and larger employers on Passport may put forward any of their training providers that fit the following criteria:

  • They must be delivering to the proposing company one or more of the national qualifications recorded on Passport
  • They must be deemed as a suitable provider for approved status by the proposing company
  • The training provider must have agreed to be nominated for approval by the proposing company.

The training provider will then be contacted so that they can be set up on the system, along with the National Highways qualifications they are approved to award. The list of qualifications the provider may award can be added to or amended at any stage.

Click here to download the Approved Training Provider Nomination form.

Approved Training Provider Functionality

Information for
Training Providers


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Approved Training Provider Functionality

Information for Principal Contractors and Larger Employers


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