Approved Training Provider Functionality

Information for Training Providers

Three Ways to Award Outcomes

Once an Approved Training Provider is added to Passport, there are three methods through which outcomes can be logged. Each Approved Training Provider can use whichever method suits them best.
Regardless of the method used, as soon as the outcomes are logged on Passport, these are visible on the individual worker’s Passport record and can be surfaced whenever their smartcard (physical or virtual) is checked on site.

Via CourseSight 

The CourseSight system from Reference Point (providers of the Passport technology), is a market-leading course booking and management platform.
For Approved Training Providers who are also CourseSight clients, we ensure that any relevant outcomes logged by the provider in CourseSight are transferred automatically. There is no need for manual re-entry. You don’t even need to log in to Passport. Just use CourseSight as usual, and the system will do the rest.
CourseSight has a pricing schedule that makes it highly attractive to providers of all sizes – there are even monthly plans as well as annual tariffs.

Via the API

Passport has an API available to Approved Training Providers. Providers are responsible for enabling the API at “their end” and once this is set up ongoing costs are highly competitive and based on consumption.
Once set-up is complete, awards will pass from the Approved Training Provider’s system via the API straight into Passport.

Via the Training Provider Logging in Directly Into Passport

Using the Training Provider login enables admins to update learner records directly in Passport. There is no charge for providers to have a user login to update their learner outcomes manually.


Approved Training Provider status will be attractive to organisations within highways as it offers improved efficiency and assured quality. To help you promote your trusted status, we will share a digital badge that can be displayed on your organisation’s website and social feeds.
Approved providers will be listed on the website in the directory of Approved Training Providers. They will also benefit from an inclusion in the Inside Lane newsletter. This newsletter goes out to the entire Passport network of more than 800 contractors, creating business opportunities for you.

The Approval Process: What Training Providers Should Do?

If you are a provider delivering relevant training to companies working in the highways sector, contact your contractor clients suggesting they nominate your company for approval status. Both general and highways-specific qualifications are equally applicable, but they must be national awards that are recognised on Passport.