Approved Training Provider Functionality

Information for Principal Contractors and Larger Employers


How it Works

Principal Contractors and major employers are able to nominate companies they use for highways qualifications to become Approved Training Providers. This opens up the same functionality used by PowerPlus for the Highways Common Induction to other trusted training providers. This offers employers the opportunity to improve efficiency and the quality of training records whilst reducing their own admin time.

The Advantages

When a qualification is logged by an Approved Training Provider, the organisation is surfaced on the record. This gives an extra level of certainty that the training can be trusted and has been awarded directly by the provider themselves.
It provides further efficiencies by reducing the duplication of training. Currently, many organisations retrain workers in competencies they already hold as they don’t know enough about the qualification or the training provider who delivered it. The extra level of information and trust provided by an Approved Training Provider record may prove invaluable for contractors who’d like to recognise training delivered by other employers but unwilling to compromise on quality.
It will eliminate data entry of these qualifications by employer admins, as the outcomes will have been added by the approved provider.
By way of example, the Highways Common Induction has already removed five work weeks’ worth of duplicated data entry from across the highways supply chain. The more approved training providers we add to the system, the more efficient the highways industry will become.

The Approval Process

The process for selecting Approved Training Providers will be as democratic as possible, but while establishing the best processes we are starting by inviting nominations from contractors in charge and companies with 50 or more employees on Passport. To nominate providers, relevant contractors should first contact their providers to ensure they would like to be involved and then simply complete the form here.
Please note that once the approval process is established we will look to broaden this further, but for now larger contractors should nominate any providers they feel offer highly reputable training.