How to Create Worker Records in Passport 

Once your company is registered as an employer and has a login to Passport, it is easy to start creating and maintaining your worker records.

Every worker who works or will work on the Highways England infrastructure will need a record. To get started, all you need is:

  • Worker name
  • DoB
  • NI Number
  • Photo
  • Email.*

*Although an e-mail address is not mandatory on Passport, it is needed for the online Highways Common Induction (HCI). By adding the e-mail address into Passport when creating the worker record, this not only covers the HCI requirement but will also enable your workers to have a virtual smartcard too.

Create Worker Step 1:

Once logged into the system, click on the Add New Person option. 



Create Worker Step 2:

This will bring up a form. Fill in the fields, click Check for Duplicates, this will take you to a new page called Add Individual.

Create Worker Step 3:

On the Add Individual page, upload a photo for the worker. Leave the Requires Sponsorship button unticked. Then click Save

Create Worker Step 4:

This worker's record is now created. 

You can now proceed to the next stage and complete the setup process.