Adding Competencies & Enrolling CSCS Cards

The HCI is probably the first national competency award that will show on the worker’s record on Passport.

But it is also possible for you to add other national competencies to the worker’s record where appropriate.

As well as national competencies, Passport also manages project/contract specific awards, including inductions, briefings and toolbox talks delivered by the Principal Contractor on a project or contract. These are usually awarded at project level, but, as an employer, you will still see these on the worker’s Passport record – even though you didn’t add them yourself.

The way Passport is used and enforced does vary from project to project and across Principal Contractors. For example, some projects specify an additional requirement, such as an induction, before access is granted, while others will just want to spot-check the Passport card electronically and confirm that the worker has completed the HCI.

If you follow the advice below and maintain the minimum competency requirements for your workforce on Passport, this should be sufficient for all projects. Any projects with additional access requirements will either deliver these on site (e.g. a site-specific induction) or communicate with you in advance.

What are the Minimum Competency Requirements to be Recorded on the Passport System by Employers?

Employers are entitled to award the competencies they need for their workforce.

However, the minimum requirements that must be recorded on the system are listed below. For these core competencies, evidence of completion for each award should also be uploaded onto the Passport system for the cardholder wherever possible. A certificate or scanned-in card are acceptable pieces of evidence.

  • Highways Common Induction (this is automatically awarded after successful completion of the online induction by the cardholder, so no action is needed by you as an employer other than ensuring you have booked your worker onto the HCI)
  • Base competency e.g. CSCS, CPCS, LANTRA, Sector Scheme etc for the activity the worker is engaged to do.
  • Please note that CSCS and affiliate scheme cards can be electronically registered into Passport.
  • SMSTS, SSSTS etc for those appointed as a Supervisor
  • First Aid award and certificate for those identified as nominated first aiders by the employer.

Once the worker has a Passport record and a card, they should ensure they have their card with them when they go to any Highways England project.

Adding Competencies Step 1:

 Starting from the worker's record, select the National Competencies tab.



Adding Competencies Step 2:

Enter the name of the competency into the competency search bar. As you type, it will suggest matching results. Select the relevant result and then enter the award date. 

Adding Competencies Step 3:

Depending on the competency, you may be required to input an expiry or evidence. 

Select Add. This has added a new competence to your worker record. 

Enrolling a CSCS or Partner Scheme Card on Passport with Automatic Transfer of Competencies, Including any Certificates

Workers with CSCS cards and some partner scheme cards can have their cards enrolled on Passport and their competencies and certificates transferred electronically.

This information is then visible on the worker’s Passport record and on their Passport smartcard. Multiple cards can be stored on a Passport worker record together with the cards’ images.

It is simple for employer administrators to create and maintain worker records on Passport as part of their day-to-day work.

Enrolling a CSCS Card Step 1:

From the worker record, select the Other Cards tab. 


Enrolling a CSCS Card Step 2:

Select the Enrol CSCS Card button. 


Enrolling a CSCS Card Step 3:

A popup will appear, select the CSCS card's scheme the, input the registration number and input the surname as it appears on the card. 

Enrolling a CSCS Card Step 4:

The system will present the worker's valid cards, select the one you want to enrol.