Getting Your Projects Set Up on Passport

Using Passport is highly effective for projects, and it’s easy to implement. If you are a Principal Contractor, this guide will help you decide how to implement Passport across your organisation and on your projects. Passport is a flexible system that can easily adapt to suit your organisation's requirements. 
The steps to follow are outlined below: 

Step 1

On which project will you implement Passport first?


  • When does this project start?
  • Who is your main Passport administrator for this project?
    • Have they completed the training with Mitie?
  • Which supply chain subcontractors are involved in the project?
    • Have you communicated with them about Passport?
  • Do you have visibility of this project in the Passport system yet?

Step 2

How will you use Passport on this project?

Main Passport Activities at Project Level

  1. Spot-checking cards
  2. Swiping cards in and out
  3. Swiping cards in and out with defined entry requirements. 

Note: The ability to record site events such as toolbox talks, inductions and briefings exist for all three activity settings.


  • Who will be checking cards?
    • Have they watched the videos for card checkers?
    • Have they been given the correct status on Passport?
  • Where do you want cards to be checked on the project?
  • Are you mandating Passport?  
    • What is the timeline for this?
  • Will this be phased in or immediate?

Step 3

Have you communicated your Passport plans to the supply chain?


  • Are all subcontractors registered in the system as companies?
  • Have they added records for all their highways workers?
  • Do all their workers have cards?
  • Have they achieved or booked the Highways Common Induction?
  • Are they aware of your project’s key dates and any requirements?
  • Are there any subcontractors that need further support?

Step 4

Do you need any advice or help with your first project implementation?

We are happy to assist you in the implementation of your project to help you get the most out of Passport. Please contact: