Skanska and Messaging

Liz Brathwaite, Skanska

Skanska has been using the instant messaging feature on Highways Passport since the Summer of 2022. We used it for the first time in July to issue a warning and some information about how to work safely in hot weather.

It provides a quick, easy and highly accessible way to get information out to your whole site or specific groups of workers. You can easily add links to other resources, helplines and more. We have used it to communicate information on expected poor weather conditions and on key days, such as Blue Monday, we have messaged information and links to helplines. So far, we have sent ten different targeted messages.

The message gets sent to people’s virtual cards on their phones and appears instantly.

Our Passport Administrator can easily see how many people have opened the message and so can track how effective the communication has been.

It’s a great feature which is easy to use and adds real value.