“It’s Fair to Say Everyone Did a Really Good Job”


Graham Boanas, CEO, PowerPlus Group.

We had a conversation with Graham Boanas, the CEO of PowerPlus Group, to learn more about PowerPlus’ involvement in Passport. 

PowerPlus created the software for the Highways Common Induction and they host its delivery.


How did Powerplus come to get Involved with the Passport Scheme?

We were approached by the Passport steering group way back in June 2019. As a company, we were already leaders in the field of creating site induction videos, including scripting, filming and final production. We’d come up on their radar as specialists in what we do, so we were invited to take part.


What were some of the biggest challenges?

One of the biggest problems of creating such a safety-specific video is the input required from many different people, companies and organisations to ensure everything is included and planned out. It’s really important to make sure you have everything covered, and all parties are happy before you start the filming process.

It’s fair to say that everyone did a really good job of getting the HCI as concise as we possibly could, while making it as informative as needed by the Passport steering group.

Another potential challenge was the integration of the test results within the delivery and management software produced by Reference Point.

Whenever we’re asked to integrate into another company’s software, it can be a little daunting at first as you don’t know their level of expertise, their work practices, or work ethics. However, with Reference Point, this just wasn’t a worry as they were great to work with and shared the same customer service values as we do.

Their speed and attention to a smooth delivery is one of the best we’ve known. (And no, I’m not getting paid to say that!)


Is that it? Will the training change?

I don’t think it will change as much as develop. You see, quality control is paramount to what we do, which is why you’ll always see a quality report on every induction that’s delivered. These reports aren’t just filed away, but studied to see where things can be improved for the end-user. On top of this, we work with the team at Passport steering group to include any change requests they make.


Do you ever have any problems?

I think I’d be lying if I said we never have any problems. Sometimes, a user is unsure about the registration process, or perhaps they have
connection problems, but the support staff here are always on hand. Whatever problem comes up, we usually have them sorted in a few minutes.


What is the future of Powerplus?

It’s really exciting to see how Powerplus has grown over the years. The team here all share the same vision and excitement to keep us at the forefront of what we do. This includes researching different ways of delivering training through better interactivity and virtual reality. Let’s see what next year brings, but whatever happens, it will be an exciting ride, I’m sure!


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