Job Roles Being Introduced in Passport

Highways Passport Steering Group

A Job Role is a combination of requirements grouped together to ensure that a worker has the set of training and competencies they need to safely and effectively do the job they are there for. Admins can add job roles to a worker’s record through the People tab on the Passport system.

Three Advantages of Job Roles

1. Faster Onboarding

Supervisors can scan a worker’s Passport, and if they hold a job role, they can swipe them in to do that job. It makes it much faster for supervisors to confirm that workers are competent for the job they’re doing.

2. Plan for the future

Admins can run reports on job roles, as well as on how many workers hold the right qualifications to do a job role. This gives you important information about what skills you have available in your organisation.

3. Report on competence, not just qualification

Admins can also report on how often a job role has been used by a worker, giving you a clearer picture of their competence, not just their training.

The 19 Job Roles Currently Available

  • 12A Traffic Management Foreman - TMF
  • 12B Lead Traffic Management Operative - LTMO
  • Level 1 Drainage Supervisor
  • Level 1 Electrical Supervisor
  • Level 1 Traffic Management Supervisor
  • Level 1 VRS Supervisor 
  • Level 2 Drainage Supervisor
  • Level 2 Electrical Supervisor
  • Level 2 Traffic Management Supervisor
  • Level 2 VRS Supervisor
  • Level 3 Drainage Supervisor
  • Level 3 Electrical Supervisor
  • Level 3 Traffic Management Supervisor
  • Level 3 VRS Supervisor
  • TM Operative 12 A/B (TMO)
  • Traffic Safety & Control Officer - TSCO
  • Traffic Safety Supervisor - TSS
  • Unregistered TM Operative (Trainee)
  • Vegetation Management (Labourer - Green Card)