Aiming Higher: How to Get Maximum Value from Passport



The Passport Steering Group.

It’s safe to say that Passport is successfully rolling out across the National Highways supply chain. This momentum is why we want to share five recommendations for how you can get total value out of the scheme in a way that’s tailored to your organisation.

After all, every organisation working on highways is different. For example, a major tier one contractor won’t use Passport in the same way as a small traffic management company. But, both can get extraordinary value from it.

Passport is a flexible tool, and it can adapt to your organisation’s requirements to help you keep your workforce safe and effective. These
recommendations will help you do that.


Recommendation 1: Supply Chains & Workforces

The more of your active highways workforce you can enrol in Passport, the more value you will get from Passport. Of course, this goes for workers in your supply chain too.

Uploading workers to Passport is both quick and easy. You can do so here.

Or, for organisations with more than fifty employees, Mitie can support with a bulk upload:
Tel: 0330 726 0225


Recommendation 2: Track Swipes and Spot Checks and Set Goals

The Passport reporting suite is easy to use and provides insightful data. If your organisation is committed to getting the most from Passport, run weekly or monthly reports on the number of swipes and spot checks your workforce is undertaking.

This data will help you understand whether or not your organisation has embedded Passport in its day-to-day processes. With this information, you can then set targets and use the data the reports give you to improve your organisation’s system usage.

Some of the most valuable reports to track:

  • Geomapping (for CICs)
  • Swipes report
  • Spot checks report
  • Expiries: all competencies
  • Refused entry and the reasons why
  • Which site-level activities have taken place (e.g. toolbox talks)
  • Virtual smartcards requested and activated.


Recommendation 3: Deploy Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are easy to deploy, free for workers with a physical smartcard and allow you to tap into some of Passport’s most valuable features.

Benefits of virtual cards:

  • Virtual smartcards open up Passport messaging, allowing targeted safety messages to be sent to virtual smartcard holders by National Highways and Contractors in Charge
  • Virtual smartcards are stored in workers’ phones, meaning they always have their cards.


Recommendation 4: Upload Inductions, Toolbox Talks and Competencies

Populating your workers’ records with relevant data vastly increases the utility Passport offers your organisation.

The first thing to do is make sure the records of all workers are complete. The second is to include Passport in your organisation’s
processes. For example, when a toolbox talk is given on site, ensure that it is awarded in Passport (the recent upgrade makes this even
easier with bulk awards!).


Recommendation 5: Make Use of APIs and Integrations

Passport doesn’t just protect your workers; it collects data that offers real value to your organisation. For larger employers and contractors in charge, integrating Passport with your existing systems allows you to embed it within your organisation’s tech stack, helping you get more value from Passport and the other systems you use.


Final Word

These five steps will help your organisation get value from Passport and provide a strong foundation for your future plans.
If you want to implement any of these suggestions and have questions about how best to do so, get in touch with Mitie’s helpdesk:
Tel: 0330 726 0225