Balfour Beatty: Rolling Out Passport Across All Highways Projects Since 2020



Jennie Reid, Health & Safety Administrator for Major Highways, Balfour Beatty.

Balfour Beatty has been rolling out the Passport scheme across all our highways projects since 2020, and we are now well on the way to using it on site for compliance checks and briefing attendance purposes. 

Highways Passport Administrators (HPAs) have been trained in:

  1. Managing our colleagues’ data to understand the progress for each individual at each project and at each stage of the Passport process
  2. Creating profiles for Balfour Beatty employed staff who access a Highways site as part of their role, including photos and role competencies
  3. Ensuring competency evidence is suitable to roles, adding more to meet requirements as necessary
  4. Issuing links for our colleagues to undertake the Highways Common Induction (HCI)
  5. Issuing Passport cards to those whose Passport profiles are compliant and have completed the HCI.

This stage by stage process ensures that we have the correct compliance information for our people and that all those who have been issued a Passport card meet the requirements.

This process also enables us to encourage those who have not progressed through the stages to do so. It also means we can produce real-time progress reports that we can give to project leads.

We are now beginning the on-site roll-out on our projects, starting with the DBFO projects, with other projects following shortly.