Asset Delivery and Passport

Teresa Moss, National Highways

More and more of the best usage of Passport is coming from Asset Delivery contracts like the Scheme Delivery Framework. In fact, SDF contracts state “It is required that you are registered to the Highways Passport scheme.”

What follows are our best practice recommendations for using Passport across Asset Delivery. This advice is flexible so that your organisation can use Passport in the way best suited to your context; it’s also simple. Using Passport in asset delivery is no more complex than using it on major projects.

Step 1

Make Sure Your Projects Are Set up in Passport Contact Reference Point to confirm which contract(s) you are Principal Contractor for so we can ensure it is all set up correctly in Passport.

If you would like to discuss how to set up your first project, please email

For any other query and for all other support, please contact the Mitie helpdesk:

Telephone: 0330 726 0225.

Step 2

Decide How You Will Implement Passport on Your Project(s) For Contracts With Depots Swipe workers into the depot or spot check. For Contracts Without Depots

Option 1

You can do random card spot checks.

Option 2

Use Passport’s Association functionality to get advance visibility of your supply chain workforce to be confident about who is working for you.

This is covered in the Mitie Employer Admin training. Mitie’s contact details are above. The Mitie Employer Admin training will also show you how to put workers into crews and assign crews to a project so that the Project Manager can get advance visibility of the workers coming to their site.

Option 3

Allow key workers to self-swipe (you can still monitor this). The Mitie Employer Admin Training will explain how to give a worker permission to self-swipe.

Step 3

Communicate with Your Supply Chain Email your supply chain companies to make sure their highways workers are all on the Highways Passport system and to notify them of key dates.


These simple steps should help you implement Passport on your Asset Delivery contracts quickly and easily.