Booking the Online
Highways Common Induction
from Power Plus

Many Passport employer administrators have been asking about booking the new online induction and the order in which activities happen, so here’s a simple guide
for you.

Steps between Highways Passport and Power Plus HCI Induction

Step 1

Ensure the worker has a record on Highways Passport and that the worker completing their induction is aware of their Passport number (the Power Plus portal will verify the worker against Passport before the Induction can be done). The Passport system is accessed at: As an employer admin, login as usual and verify the worker has a record or add the worker to Passport.

Step 2

Pay for the worker’s induction (this can be completed by choosing to set up as an administrator on There are videos to guide you throughout the process, although if you need help with an invoice you can call them direct).

Step 3

When ready to do the online induction, the worker accesses the portal at and provides their name, date of birth and Highways Passport card number (which are verified on Passport). The worker will then be asked for a code that matches up with the tokens you bought previously for your company (this will be in your emails on your receipt).

Step 4

The worker starts the induction. Upon clicking to view and watch the course, the tokens will be taken. Should the worker fail a section, they may simply retake the test or watch the videos again. Once the induction has been successfully completed, Passport is automatically notified by the Power Plus system. The worker’s HCI achievement is logged in Passport, so the HCI is now visible (and accessible when the worker’s card is checked on site).

For more details and answers to FAQs, download the PDF.


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