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Passport is sponsored by the Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group (SCSLG) and endorsed by National Highways.

The Service Providers

Mitie and Reference Point deliver the Passport solution and service.

  • Reference Point provides the mobile workforce management technology and hosting 24/7.
  • Mitie provides all user support, as well as other services including physical smartcard personalisation and despatch; user training, invoicing and payment collection services.

About Mitie

Mitie has the scale, national reach and a breadth and depth of services - ranging from engineering maintenance, security and cleaning, to landscaping, environmental services, waste and energy consultancy – to cover every client’s needs of their workspaces.

Much of the country’s critical infrastructure, from the railways to the telecoms network and energy supply, is maintained by our technicians. Most of Britain’s airports are secured by our officers. Most of Britain’s supermarkets are cleaned by our colleagues. We keep Britain’s manufacturing plants working. We support nuclear decommissioning at Sellafield and the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston. We are a critical supplier to the NHS and we are proud of our key role in the national response to the COVID-19 outbreak, supporting the NHS Nightingale and Dragon’s Heart hospitals as well as 11 COVID-19 test centres. We are a strategic partner to Government and a leader in innovation. We are the experts in creating efficient, safe, clean and secure workplaces.

We keep Britain running.

About Reference Point

Our technology solutions are used by major corporations responsible for multiple, largescale projects using extensive supply chains. Many of our clients operate in safety critical sectors where our systems and services are recognised as playing a major role in supporting and delivering the best possible safety practices to protect the workforce 24/7.

Founded over 20 years ago, Reference Point is an award-winning international provider of technology focused around active workforces to help ensure people are trained and qualified for the jobs they do and can work safely and effectively together.

At the heart of what we offer is our gold standard SkillGuard system (Passport is a rebranded version, supported by Mitie Validate): our web applications, database, smartcards and apps that work together to surface and record essential information wherever and whenever it is needed, with particular emphasis on delivering informed, real-time “authority to work” to safeguard workers.

Major client applications include Network Rail, Transport for London and HS2 (all delivered in partnership with Mitie), as well as the Australasian Railway Association, Thames Water and Tarmac. In addition, Reference Point is the technology partner for the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Go Smart ecosystem, which is the UK’s largest industry smartcard scheme.


our approach

Quality in partnership - at each stage of delivery


As highly experienced and leading specialists we are ready to work with you, providing a powerful and comprehensive solution and service.

Existing users may access the system using their secure login, creating, maintaining and reviewing their worker records as required. The system also provides a range of powerful reports and analysis for our extensive number of users.

As a new company wanting to use Passport for the first time, the first step is to get a company account set up with Mitie.

To do this simply fill in the Company Registration form and Mitie will soon be in contact to start the on-boarding process.

Once the company has its first administrator login and admins have attended one of the online Passport web briefing sessions, users are ready to start setting up their worker records, pay annual subscriptions and order smartcards.

As soon as a worker record is created (which takes a matter of minutes), HCI training can be booked.

Once the workforce has received their smartcards, they should remember to take their card with them whenever they work on any Highways England project. As well as receiving a physical smartcard, a virtual card can also be generated for any worker, which they can store on their own mobile device – this is a very popular addition and the cost is already included in the annual subscription for each worker, so there is no extra charge for this.

Card checkers on projects can then verify cardholders and confirm they have authority to work today – for their own safety as well as those who work alongside.

As their employer, companies can access and manage their workers’ records as well as seeing when and where their workers' smartcards have been checked.

If you have questions, please go to our FAQs as we have plenty more information.

To Get Started, please complete the company registration form and request an employer administrator login to the system.

For general Passport system queries or guidance on how to onboard your company, please contact Mitie Helpdesk:

Email: he.validate@mitie.com

Tel: 0330 726 0225

For matters of Passport policy, please email: HEPassport@highwaysengland.co.uk